Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Summertime in the ecohouse

The house has passed the test in summer, without airconditioning, thanks to cool breezes and thermal mass. Mosquitos and other blood-suckers which share the riverfront site with its human residents have driven the need for insect screening.

A new, enhanced landscape plan is underway and the recycled (concrete and brick) gravel driveway at the front of the house will be replaced with a hard surface so that the youngest resident has somewhere to ride his bike and throw a ball.

Additional storage is being added - a necessity for a full, family house.

The river level subterranean Media Room has become a weekend home for a friend who works out of town. The lower level was designed so it could operate as a separate dwelling as needed.
The slot of sunlight from the Dining Room above and the corner window provide sufficient daylight - so much so that the ceiling slot is covered for morning sleep ins.


Caroline said...

Hi, I've seen this project evolve from the beginning. I hope you're enjoying your new house. We are about to embark on a renovation here in West End. I'm interested to find out - do you actually have A/C installed? I'm trying to determine if it's a necessary evil, or are ceiling fans and good cross-ventiallation adequate?

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