Thursday, February 26, 2009

With blue skies and drier conditions, the roof is getting closer.

Some of the pipework (in PVC-free Geberit poly) and one low-flush toilet cisterns have been installed. We are still trying to negotiate with council a way of reducing pipework currently required by the need for separate dual supplies of greywater and rainwater to each toilet cistern.

Bluestone retaining walls are almost complete.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The rear wing (main bedroom and living) is growing taller despite (or as a result of?) all the wet weather. Rooms are taking shape and the roof should give some shelter from sun and rain to the building team soon.

The swimming pool's sprayed shell used the green cement mix (high recycled content) used elsewhere on the project.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Up and up

The top floor is now in place - ecoply on painted recycled hardwood joists supported by recycled hardwood stud walls. The timber from the old house, dismantled on site, is continually being used in the new construction; the 150x150 support post on the river terrace is the most recent example. Most of the 4x2 and major structural timber has been used.

Supplying the house with town, rain and recycled grey water does involve a lot more plumbing and we are trying to work out innovative ways of reducing the runs of poly pipe (not PVC) around the house. A meeting with council will hopefully allow us to do what we hope, with switching controls of water supply in the Plant Room rather than at every outlet.

The building team has snazzy new t-shirts with the company logo and appropriate colour (modelled by Eoin)!