Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Finally another post, after an extended transition period between authors. My apologies. The roof is now on, spirits are high, and the spaces internally are really starting to take shape.

The gallery space, with roof sheeting on. Once lined, this space will connect the two halves of the house and draw ventilation through the house through the louvre windows on the right hand side.

View looking north at from the ensuite. The galvanised roof is a traditional sturdy option, with high reflectivity. And it simply looks great.

Traditional ceremony to celebrate the roof going on, a branch is placed at the highest point and a drop of beer is poured down it!

All rainwater products are of gal. The ends of the corrugated sheets are open at the top and the bottom, alowing the cavity between the rafters to ventilate and reduce heat gain internally.

Miniorb soffits look fantastic.

The zig-zagging roof profile from afar.