Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hardwood framing

Foreman Oliver Bergel on the job
Seasoned (40-60 years?) recycled hardwood framing is heavy work but will provide a rock-solid structure to the house and keep the carbon safely stored for another 100 years or more, we hope. Batten screws are the only fixings that can be used as the timber is so hard.

Courtyard water storage

26,000L of rainwater storage will sit beneath the central courtyard, collecting water from the rear roofs and through the soil. The excavated site is lined with plastic, filled with modular polypropylene units and covered with geofabric, then sand and soil. All three elements have 100% recycled content. The water will be used for garden irrigation and swimming pool top up. The installation of this water storage will be completed this afternoon and once covered, will be fully trafficable (though in reality, only foot traffic will pass over it when the building is complete).

There will still be another 46,000L of rainwater storage beneath the front driveway dedicated to household supply.

Monday, November 10, 2008


The recycled hardwood studs are beginning to stand up. The steep rake of the north-facing roof is angled to optimise solar energy collection.