Monday, August 31, 2009

August update

I've returned from 3 months' leave visiting inspiring and thought-provoking building projects in Canada and the US, under pedal power ( Work on the Hill End Ecohouse has progressed dramatically under an increasing team of people, with spaces taking shape and all window joinery in (local plantation hoop pine and hardwood).
Cladding is almost complete - a combination of recycled hardwood weatherboards and FC custom weather boards. The fins to the rear balconies have been clad in the offcuts of the balcony decking hardwood and clear-finished.
The ventilated skin of cladding to the western wall is now complete. Cladding is packed out from the main studs and insulated sisalation, with bird mesh at the top and bottom. You can see the airspace beneath the mini orb soffit, below.