Monday, November 8, 2010

Best eco swimming pool in the world

The modest swimming pool at the ecohouse has just won gold in the international swimming pool awards in Las Vegas for pool builder and designer, Stuart Bevan, of Stuart Bevan Pools Pty Ltd. He was awarded the top prize for Residential Pools - Green Applications from GAVA (Global Arkitecture Visionary Awards).
The plunge pool is minimal in size due to site constraints (riparian zone at river bank and narrow block) and environmental considerations. It uses an efficient pump/filter system. With galvanised reinforcing and a thicker than normal concrete shell using recycled additives of fly ash and reactive magnesium, the pool is built for durability. It is finished internally with a pebble coating of local stone (minimal transport costs) which is long-lasting and easy to clean. At night, the pool is lit with locally-made LED lights.

The 15,000L (approx) pool is filled and topped up with rainwater and a flexible and moveable outlet hose allows flexible distribution of waste water over the garden area.