Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Scaffolding down and student tour

Scaffolding has come down on the outside of the building, revealing more of the building with its fresh coat of VOC-free paint, manufactured in southeast Queensland.

The large cantilevered pelmet for the sunshading venetian blind is constructed from the same laminated hardwood beams as the floor joists in the house. In their former life, they supported the weightlifting floor at the Commonwealth Games in Brisbane in 1982.

Three groups of UQ students visited the site in the afternoon to learn about sustainable construction. This is a good warm up to many future tours of the building and gardens.

The days are nearing the Spring Equinox (22nd September this year), the date when roof and awning overhangs are designed to start cutting out the direct, warmer sun. With only a week to go, this is clearly evident in the photo below (taken at noon) on the northern balcony to the street. A dediduous, leafy trellis will extend shade out over the balcony for summer time living.

Glass and stainless balustrades have now gone in to the rear. A little prematurely but will provide better safety for workers on site.

Carpenter Damian Stapleton, very happy to be working on the job!

Formwork removed from cast concrete garden seat, render to block base and recycled timber post from original home.

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